Is my Pokemon black party good?

Orlando Anacleto Asked: Is my Pokemon black party good?

Tell me what you think about my team. I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Hydreigon – Lv. 76
Attack: 201
Defense: 158
Sp. Atk: 225
Sp. Def: 150
Speed: 199
(Move set: Crunch, Fly, Dragon Pulse, Outrage)

Zebstrika – Lv. 71
Attack: 178
Defense: 112
Sp. Atk: 129
Sp. Def: 114
Speed: 195
(Move set: Flame Charge, Thunder, Wild Charge, Thunderbolt)

Starmie – Lv. 76
Attack: 135
Defense: 146
Sp. Atk: 209
Sp. Def: 149
Speed: 214
(Move set: Surf, Hydro Pump, Psychic, Thunderbolt)

Dragonite – Lv. 75
Attack: 244
Defense: 185
Sp. Atk: 186
Sp. Def: 173
Speed: 150
(Move set: Ice Beam, Dragon Claw, Hyper Beam, Outrage)

Tyranitar – Lv. 75
Attack: 221
Defense: 194
Sp. Atk: 194
Sp. Def: 144
Speed: 140
(Move set: Hyper Beam, Dark Pulse, Ice Beam, Earthquake)

Serperior – Lv. 72
Attack: 147
Defense: 159
Sp. Atk: 136
Sp. Def: 165
Speed: 187
(Move set: Energy Ball, Coil, Giga Drain, Frenzy Plant)


Jim Answered:
looks good
PiesPies Answered:
Tyranitar and dragonite could have been a physical attacker with Dragon dance, Hydregion is more of a SP.Attacker, so change fly to flamethrower or something. Zebstrika is rarely used, but i recommend choiced specs with volt switch and wild chrage, P.S. your welcome.
Pinto Answered:
It s Answered:
It's pretty good. It's better than my pokemon diamond. Or maybe close to the same. Mine is pretty good. So yours must be great. I'm guessing you got some legendaries. I haven't played pokemon black for a while all I know is that it is a great party. When pokemon get ton level 80 they are very hard to level up. Just letting you know.
Silver Jack0 Answered:
This is my bro speaking, he's the pokemon wizard around the house:

i think you should change your starmie to a better water type pokemon one with a higher attack or defense otherwise if your in an electric fight i think you should get a water type that's like half ground half water like whooper because its only weakness is grass and it has good defence with the other types, otherwise the rest of your team is fine.

Bobby Pumpkin Answered:

An awesome well-rounded in Stats, with even higher Special Attack, it rules. Never trained one before, but people say it is litereally the best ever. Ever.
Crunch: A good Dark move, and the best one it learns (lol). Maybe replace it with Psych Up?
Fly: Umm…use this is you want to advoid damage for one turn, but maybe replace it with Tri Attack.
Dragon Pulse: Get rid of it and replace it with Fire Blast. Or possibly Draco Meteor
Outrage: Keep it totally.
It's item should be (if you like to end battles very quickly) a Dragon Gem to up Outrage, for it does about 120 for TWO – THREE turns!! And for Draco Meteor, it will do MASSIVE damage.

Only great Stat is really Speed actually…but has some good Attack Stat! I personally trained this and got some bitter, sad resoults.
Flame Charge: Keep it to deal with them Grass Pokemon. Use this to also raise Speed, too.
Thunder: Best Special Electric Type move ever. But change this to Rain Dance if you are changing.
Wild Charge: NO. Replace this with Thrash, for it is the Normal version of Outrage.
Thunderbolt:Either keep Thunder or Thunderbolt. Replace one with Rain Dance. Just….do it.
It's item should be something like Zap Plate to keep boosting Thunder/ Thunderbolt.

A great Phychic/ Water combo, I wonder why it is really loved from 1995? It is wicked, I tell you! With its sweet Special Attack and Speed, it is kinda like a second version of either Attack Deoxys/ White Kyurem.
Surf: Umm…no. Unless you really want this, replace this with Flash Cannon.
Hydro Pump: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaa!! Now your talking! 2nd best Water Type move ever.
Psychic: If you can, replace with Physhock, for it does Special Attack PLUS adds Attack Stat in it. :3
Thunderbolt: If you want more power, get Thunder. If you want more Accuracu, keep Thunderbolt.
Its item? Really great, really. Give it a Wise Glasses and you are set.

Awesome Dragon Type that is Non-Legendary ever.
Ice Beam: For more power, get Blizzard. For more Accuracuy, keep Ice Beam.
Dragon Claw: Replace with Fly, okay? Okay.
Hyper Beam: Um…no. You don't wanna do Special Attack, for you have low of it. Get Giga Impact.
Outrage: Oh yeah, baby (not really) !! Now your talking :P.
Its item has gotta be a Dragon Plate. "Nuff said.

Hyper Beam: N. O. Giga Impact is better.
Dark Pulse: Payback is better for its low Speed.
Ice Beam: Erm…no, please! Make it Stone Edge, okay? Good.
Earthquake: Yes. Good job.
Give it a Rocky Helmet. >:)

A good Speedy, Special Attacker. Good Starter choice.
Energy Ball: Good choice for lowering Special Defense.
Coil: Yay, Attack, Defense and Accuracu booster!!
Giga Drain: Good draining attack, the best ever. Maybe teach it Leech Seed instead?
Frenzy Plant: If you want to, teach it Leaf Storm instead IF you can get a Hidden Ability Serperior!
Give it maybe a Root (what is it called?) where it gives you more HP when using Leech Seed/ Drain.

…And there is my suggestion! As far as I am concorned, the weakest Pokemon may be Zebstrika, and your best is possibly a tie of Tyranitar and Hydreigon. I would rate this as a 9/10, and use Hydreigon, Tyranitar, and Serperior for Single Battles, and Hydreigon, Tyranitar, Serperior, and Starmie for Double Battles. Hope I helped a ton!!!

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