Is My Best Friend going Mentally Insane?

Harry Oden Asked: Is My Best Friend going Mentally Insane?

Please listen to my entire question before answering.

I am a 29 year-old male. My best friend, we'll call her Sharon, is also 29. We have been best friends since kindergarten. Kindergarten- so this is a long time!

All of Sharon's life, she has gotten excellent grades, been a perfect student and a great friend. We have been through thick and thin. She recently finished earning her Masters Degree, and is now pursuing her PhD at an respected online university. I myself went to college, and have been away for a year working. Upon my return in March, I noticed some changes in Sharon. I will bullet point them below:

1) Sharon is very stressed out. She is living at home with her parents, and her father is a terrible perfectionist, never satisfied with anything she does, and is constantly nagging her to do better- even though she has a 4.0 GPA! She is currently in a relationship, but her father does not think she should be with this man while pursuing her PhD. (No, they don't have kids together)

2) When ever we hang out, Sharon talks and talks and TALKS about herself, how she is a new woman now that she has a great relationship, and how she is no longer the book worm she was in high school- how she is finally liberated. This liberation causes her to go on rants where she repeats how successful her grades are and how her father needs to understand this. Usually our conversations flow where we each listen to each other- but lately its all about her. I am proud of her accomplishments, but she has never been so loud and abrasive about it- and she repeats herself all the time.

3) Sharon constantly tells me how she is Jesus Christ. No lie. She told me today she is Jesus, and has sacrificed for others all her life, and feels she is psychic and can see the future. That's great, but then she disclosed to me her past 2 ex boyfriends both have died of AIDS. When I asked if there was proof of an obituary, she got very defensive and said I am a scientologist and not spiritual like her. She says she knows in her heart they died of AIDS because in the past when they were with her, they cheated on her with other women. But why would she say they died of AIDS? That's way harsh.

4) I recently finished a cruise ship job and took a picture with all my crew and next to the ship. She looked at the picture of the ship and said to me that the ship had sunk- mind you this is a MAJOR cruise ship. She also told me every single person left on the ship when I left died in the accident. Come on! She is being TOTALLY serious with me, she is not joking.

I can go on and on, but to make this already long story shorter, this is totally unlike Sharon. The old Sharon I know would never tell me things like she sees visions and death. And ALL OF HER visions involve someone dying in a crash, or dying of AIDS. It's very black and white. She used to be so much more level headed then this. What is going on???


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