is it bad to go see a psychic?

Asked: is it bad to go see a psychic?

okay, so im planning a birthday party for myself within the next 2 months and im thinking about having like a gypsy theme and all of my friends and i goin to go see a psychic after our dinner.

im goin for strictly entertainment purpose's. im not looking to see whats in my future or anything because i believe god holds my fate. what im looking for is things along the lines of past life or loved ones around me.

is it bad to go see one on one of these circumstances?


Its not bad if everyone keeps an open mind. Some people though are close-minded to anything abnormal so might make fun of the psychic.
I don't know if the the psychology section is the best place to ask this.

Speaking, if the psychic were real and they didn't mean well, it's entirely possible they could F you up (Spiritually Speaking.)

Where my father is from in Mexico, people who were curanduras and brujos would cast curses against their own customers so that they would need to come back and get the curse removed. It's a business! Just like taking your car to a mechanic; there is always a chance that the mechanic will fix your problem and break something else in the process. Similarly, Psychologically speaking, a 'psychic' may convince you that you have problems that you don't really have.

I've been around a while and I've met many types of people, but I've never met I 'psychic' whom I've trusted.

Not at all.I'm a senior citizen and have seen and experienced a lot of strange things in my life.I never believed in finding water with a forked stick until I saw it done.I didn't believe in spooks until my late wife woke me up speaking to me one night.I thought pychics were hooey until I went with a lady friend to see one many years ago.She lived in a little white house in the middle of nowhere in North Alabama and had a front yard full of people waiting to see her at $10.00 a pop.She told me what was going on in my life at the time and described to a tee the people I was involved with.So, go and enjoy.

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