Is all the "outrage" about the Casey Anthony Case a sign that Americans simply enjoy being angry?

WeAreAllHypocrites Asked: Is all the "outrage" about the Casey Anthony Case a sign that Americans simply enjoy being angry?

I know my question contains an opinion, but I seriously wonder. Every time i turn around people seem to be collectively "outraged" over something.You would think that all these psychic people who somehow "know" exactly what happened would use their skills to clean up at Vegas.Seriously though, are events like this an indicator that hate seems to be a greater uniter in thic country than positive things?


Bad Kid Answered:
Finally. i have never heard somebody say what I think.

T J Answered:
No, they're pissed because a woman got away with murder and there's no justice for her murdered daughter Caylee and they're angry at the jurors who actually believed the joke of a defense that Caylee "accidentally" drowned in a pool and her grandfather George or her Grandmother Cindy didn't perform CPR on her or call 911 at all but instead supposedly moved her body into the woods near a swamp because they didn't want to grieve properly or have a funeral or burial for Caylee.

Sheniquah Answered:

People get heated when they see things they don't think are right.

Things like a botched murder conviction would fall into that category.

SithLord Answered:
Please. People like you are just covering up that there is a serious double standard between this case and the OJ in the American public. This sick girl is going to pose in Playboy and get a movie and a book out of this. This girl will get rich off the death of her child- her LITTLE GIRL. Gimme a break, America. Yet the rage still continues over OJ. It died a little after OJ was thrown into prison forever for a petty crime. This girl will serve much less than a year in jail.

You are right that people are collectively outraged over many things. But don't kid yourself. The Anthony trial is not one of them. And that speaks to the racism of America.

bustedface4 Answered:
No, we just enjoy a real life family of crazies.

Austin Shedevil Answered:
Well the news is usually about current events going on and most news stories are about the bad things going on.

Come on, this its not an outrage about something stupid like Taco Bell not using real beef.

Come on, this outrage is about a motherwho obviously MURDERED her child andshe is getting out of jail next week.

Yes people can get outraged at anything nowadays. But in this case, hell yes people being angry that this demon woman is free is a very strong reason for outrage.

Alexandria Answered:
i am not outraged. because i didnt watch the trial thats been on every news network 24/7.because there are real news going on right now, in all parts of the world.besides a trial that was manufactured by media to preoccupy you. you see, lindsey lohan is not in the news now, cause media figured you need some diversity. so they replaced lindsey with casey anthony, to keep your attention away from real news of importance.

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