Im so conflicted. I NEED HELP PLEASE!?

Justin Zaleski Asked: Im so conflicted. I NEED HELP PLEASE!?

There is a girl, I have known her for my whole life, and she is my best friend. We have so much in common, yet so little at the same time. We used to be the couple that everyone knew should date, but never did. When we were younger, at summer camp, I would buy her any thing she wanted my treat, and we would sit under the stars, thinking about our place in god's big world. That's all she remembers of us at camp. She used to like me, and I liked her, but we never saw each other due to a little distance. I could feel her eyes on me those few times we met. Then I got on face book, and all we would do is talk, we were friends again. I told her how I felt, and……she didn't feel the same way anymore. I got over my love for her quickly. We grew apart again. She wanted to meet my friends, so I showed her the account of my one friend. As they grew closer, we grew further. She went to his house one day. It's funny, you know, my friends had always remarked how i was a psychic because I always knew what people were thinking, what they felt, it was a common joke all my friends hared. They were both on facebook, and i felt the need suddenly to message my friend. I soon was told to leave them alone for a minute, they were kissing. It was her first kiss, the one I always dreamed i would share with her, and my i was they one who let them meet. I thought I was over her, but i guess not, I've just been so conflicted. I don't know how to feel, I know they love each other very much, but i can't get over it. I don't expect many of you to understand, I would just find another girl, but i haven't met one as beautiful, funny, fun, or just plain enchanting as her. Can someone help me make sense of this….


OzAngel Answered:
Its definitely a friendship that you have with her, quite possibly you knew eachother in a past life or you're from the same soul group.But if you really want to move on with your life you need to break the psychic link you have with them both.Thats not to say the link will remain broken but to get through this initial phase you need to break it.
Yes You could be pregnant Answered:
you wimped out.. you snooze you lose. tell her how you feel asap
Anya Answered:
The best way to make sense of it, is to realize that the chemistry just isn't there between you, even though you thought it was. You had a closeness that others don't have, but it's not the kind that leads to true love.It sounds like it was more of a very comfortable, and special friendship.And, it should continue to be, even if she is now with your friend.You might still be living in that fantasy where everything is perfect, and she's still that perfect girl at summer camp, and there were no worries or anything else to think about, other than her. But, the reality is now that things have changed, and both she and you are at different places.

Right now, you don't think it is at all possible for you to find this same kind of woman, but it is totally possible and highly likely.It has happened to all of us; we think that we can't possibly find that special person, but we always do.I hope you can move on, be happy for her, and be open to finding that special woman…she IS out there.

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