I’m looking for a futuristic name for a human-like alien?

djserene80 Asked: I’m looking for a futuristic name for a human-like alien?

He comes from a culture that is slightly more technologically advanced than we are now. All members of his species have varying levels of psychic talents, but his are exceptionally strong. He is a member of a warrior caste, but is not a hard core warrior, definitely enjoying the softer side of life too. Basically, the kindest man you'll ever meet, with a gun and terrifyingly strong psychic powers.


Ravuth Answered:
His name is Lady GAGA!

michael h Answered:
Name him lama

Harper Leigh Answered:
Geraint – name of a Welsh knight
Bambang – Javanese knight
Faris – Persian knight
Cai or Kay or Cei -name of a Welsh knight

Cei sounds ancient and futuristic at the same time.Knights are warriors, but they are also known to indulge in pleasures.Some were very kind.I never heard of a knight with psychic powers, but that doesn't mean that there weren't some who did.

Sti Dey Answered:
name it Rage… latest and happening

Spirit World Messages Answered:

What about


Take Care
Spirit World Messages

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