I’m 35, babies, motherhood, etc disgust me, is that normal?

Asked: I’m 35, babies, motherhood, etc disgust me, is that normal?

I;m 35, married for one year and happy to be childfree. Anything having to do with motherhood, pregnancy, labor and delivery, etc., is disgusting to me. I often tell myself that if I had a biological clock it must be silent. The worst part is living in the American Southeast, where motherhood is practically a cult (like church, kind of) and if you tell someone you don't want children its like telling someone you want to worship the Devil or something. I think this is why I don't have any friends my age much, they are all caught up in the baby rabies. I don't like babies and don;t like toddlers either, preschoolers are OK, (even fun, I guess) and school age and teens I think are cool. I wonder if I should leave the south? I've always been career driven but Southern women are all about "church, children and kitchen" it seems even in the 21st century. I don't think this will ever change. I've had psychics tell me I have had many children in past lives and it feels true:)


NOT every woman wants to be a mother.
be sure husband Fully understands
your feelings on it.
or divorce can happen.

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