im 18, does it sound like im pregnant?

xxanonymousxx14 Asked: im 18, does it sound like im pregnant?

so i know that nobody's a psychic , but i just want to list whats going on with me and tell me if it sounds like pregnancy.
so my boyfriend and i, during december had sex, some of it was unprotected, but he would use the pull out method, which i know is not very effective
last month i got my period on the 15th and it was normal.this month it came on the 8th and all day of the 8th it was just light pink and verrryyy light in amount. then the second day i bled bright red , a normal amount, then the next day it went from light brown to non existent, then it started up again as red/brown but still very light amount only showing up when i wipe, and now today its only brown but so light that it only shows up when i wipe, so i dont get it. i googled it and it popped up with implantation bleeding, so i tested in the morning today and it was negative, but then i read that i mightve tested too early because if it is implantation bleeding, i shouldve waited til it was over. but also, if its not implantation bleeding, i dont know whats going on because i understand that periods are weird, but this has NEVER happened to me before. please help me!


Megan Answered:
u could b go 2 a doctor

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