If there are any real psychics/clairvoyants on here…What can you tell me about myself?

ihartpurple Asked: If there are any real psychics/clairvoyants on here…What can you tell me about myself?

My birthday is on July 13th and my name is Sabrina. I have abilities myself but I'd rather not get into exactly what but I mean along the lines of being intuitive. This is really just a question for fun and to see how much you can tell me that I already know that is true about me.
If your going to tell me you don't believe in this "stuff" or something please just GO AWAY. I understand some people think this is bogus and so theres no point in you posting on here.
Thanks anybody honestly trying to help :). Bless you


WWFUUJD Answered:
I can tell you're a gullible fool and a cheapskate.

Vulcan Answered:
psychics/clairvoyants are frauds – entirely.

illuzion30 Answered:
You're not too bright.

John quill Quill Answered:
When you see a person out of the way, no matter whom the injury is inflicted up, rebuke the individual who commits the evil. Will this do good? Yes, if you rebuke in the spirit of the Gospel – in the spirit of meekness. Rebuke as a father should reprove his children, not as a tyrant rules his servants or slaves. Take this course with your brethren, and you will learn that "Open rebuke is better than secret love," and that the wounds you make are better than the deceitful kisses of an enemy. This is a principle I have thought much upon. I have talked some about it, and have tried to comprehend the principle, and I have sought to have the people comprehend it. If your neighbour commits an evil upon another of your neighbours, you are under obligations to see that the person who has committed the evil be suitably chastised, as much so as though the wrong had been committed upon you. Now this is hard to believe; but if you wish to correct people, and lead them to life and salvation, what difference is it where the evil is committed, or upon whom? Is it not the duty of a minister of God to correct evil and take it from an individual or from the people, and place them upon saving ground, whenever an opportunity presents itself? It is the duty of every individual.
JD 8:366, Brigham Young, March 17, 1861

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