If psychics can really see the future, why don’t they all come to Vegas and get rich?

Asked: If psychics can really see the future, why don’t they all come to Vegas and get rich?

that's because there are no such thing as reading the future


Im bringing sexy back Answered:
Because they know the casino's here are rigged
Freak On A Leash Answered:
There are possible unforeseen circumstances.
Sir Strong Bad Answered:
90% are full of beans
Oregon River Answered:
They really can't.
Evil User Answered:
it's bs
im not the droid youre looking for Answered:
House odds.It doesn't take special insight to understand that the games in Vegas are rigged.

And more to the point, Vegas is fairly militant about _defending_ this aspect of their profit margin–their "license" to make customers lose a set percentage more often than what random chance would dictate.

Really, look up "card counting" sometime.It's a practice professional card players use to keep track of what's in any given deck at any given time.Some of these people are borderline human computers, in their ability to actually predict what cards are present based on their understanding of probability and knowledge of what cards have already passed through their hands.

Some of these people are brilliant and ALL of them get banned, pronto.Casinos and the like have cameras where they are for that specific reason–so they can spot and remove card counters with as much prejudice as local police will allow.I'd have to assume there's similar ways to "hack" house odds on the other games as well, and that Vegas in general is just plain _militant_ about making sure nobody does that, ever.

A real ESP case would probably find himself kicked out and/or shot in a hurry.

Bradley P Answered:
because Vegas is real BA and if they found out, they would kick their a$$es!
Alex Answered:
it's BS
Oski Answered:
because it stays in vegas

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