i went to a psychic and she charged me for a reading she seemed legit?

sickhate Asked: i went to a psychic and she charged me for a reading she seemed legit?

afterthe reading she , said she wanted to help me with something forgot what it was but she asked for $150, i declined. she asked for my cell number, i gave it to her and she gave me hers . she said it was ok if i didnt want her help thenshe said giveme a hug and she said i wish you all the best, then about a week latershe called me and she said you want to come in to talk, i asked how much will you charge for this and she said nothing. i told her i'll call you back next week if i can. . should i trust this ? or is she only trying to get money from me?


Sara Dios Answered:
Be careful and take someone with you!

Ask Herman anything Answered:
If she was real psychic then she would be a billionaire right now….then she wouldn't really need any money. Don't believe those lazy a$$es….all they want is your money.

Starry Pluto Answered:
You never know. Most of these things are 50/50. Just stay aware and go w/ your gut! $150 is too much money and not the regular going rate for people who really want to help people and make a difference. But if she is offering to do it for free, tell her again, up front, "I have no more money to give you so if this is what you require from me I can't come". Good luck honey!

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