I think the student teacher for my english 3 class is being a little bit too generous towards me…?

Asked: I think the student teacher for my english 3 class is being a little bit too generous towards me…?

Okay, so im a junior this year, and am in English 3. Not honors or anything, I didn't strive for an A last year and passed with B-'s. Well this year I got paired up with a really awesome teacher! She's so funny, sarcastic, and hilarious (She made a kid believe chocolate milk came from black cows, and made him wikipedia it from home, and when he came back saying it wasn't true, she said wikipedia isn't reliable and he wen't home and searched it up again. That woman is one hell of an actress.Its too hilarious) Well anyways, we now have a student teacher, he's young like 26, and when he walked in we thought he was gonna be all weird and awkward because he was all quiet. But our teacher told us when he wasn't there one day to cut him some slack because supposively "teenagers are intimidating and vicious creatures" then she made fun of how adorable he was because he is kind of one of those dorks thats like studying, and reading "who doesn't like dorks!). (she mean't it in a good way.) So we kind of started to treat him like we would treat our original teacher. We are all casual with him, and now he's loosened up and my teacher totally rubbed off some of her charisma and enthusiasm on him.

But heres the thing, Im really cool with the student teach, and he teaches every day except fridays, and im always making conversation, pulling out some sarcastic jokes on him, hes like a real teacher to all of us now. We recently read "the crucible." and we had some tests. So like, i was gone for a couple days because i got sick, and had make-up tests to do. I got too lazy to read the book, so i sparknoted it, and watched the movie. (i know bad student). Well each test was on each act. When i took the act 1 & 2 test, I really wasn't prepared even though i said i was because this was before i watched the movie, and only sparknoted it. So i took the test, and totally thought i missed like half the questions out of 20. There were quotation matchings like "who said this" and etc. And i had no FREAKIN CLUE! so i guessed. and i knew they weren't right. So i check what i got on my tests online, and like wtf. I got 100% on one test, and 98% on the other…. am i missing something?? Did i weirdly become some like super psychic genius that can BS a test and get perfect score?! it was only worth like 20 points for that one test. I thought i would have at least C'd or D'd that test! I know our student teacher graded it because he grades our tests now. I know i was all chill with him and stuff, but i didn't expect us to be that cool with eachother. I want to say something, but that will make me look like a dummy who didn't study. What do i dooo


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