I think i have genuine psychic abilities?

Brandon Taylor Asked: I think i have genuine psychic abilities?

Before i begin, this is not a hoax, I'm not sitting at home bored thinking up random questions, and im not trolling.

So, for a few years now i've noticed something that seems like psychic ability. I often have dreams about what will happen in the future. These foresights have seen up to a few months into the future.These dreams are not like normal dreams, because i remember every detail of them, and every detail always comes true. The things i foresee aren't anything special or significant, apart from once on the night of Osama Bin Laden's death when i dreamt that I was fighting in a cartoony CoD style warzone, which is unusual for me as I don't play games much and i'm not very violent. I finally decided today to look into it when a dream foresaw something that was significant. Someone from my highschool whom I hadn't spoken to for about 10 years added me as a friend on facebook this morning, 'just to say hi'. That's not something that happens everyday but i foresaw it about 2 weeks ago. I've never believed psychic powers to be real before now, but I'm really unsure and need assistance or some explanation for these visions. Thanks in advance


SteRed Answered:
This runs in my family and though a bit awkward right now it will eventually come as natural or as natural as it can seem.On the morning of 9/11 about 2 hours before it happened I was dreaming that I was drowning in a mess of random items and that though I was calling out to the people above the water level they could not hear me and though they saw me fall in they could not help me and then my alarm went off to get ready for school so I took a shower, got dressed, and went to school only to find out we had been attacked and everyone was surrounded by random flying objects "drowning" in debris.Also I had a premonition I didn't know of what but for the first time ever since I'd moved back in with my mother I decided to stay the night with my dad over it and the next morning my mom's boyfriend died of a massive heart attack right next to her in bed.

SteRed Answered:
lol.My sign is Leo.Your gift is as unique as any other gift because it is yours 😀

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hello muffin Answered:
Sounds like some sort of ability. I've had many weird dream premonitions and sometimes start thinking of a song RIGHT before it randomly comes on the radio. Some people have told me they feel like I'm psychic sometimes. Wish I could read more about these dreams of yours.

What is your astrological sign?

Destiny Secor Answered:
Yes, you probably have second sight which is the sight of the paranormal. A close family member of mine sees the future in her dreams. They are always right. You have this amazing gift! You could also be a psychic, those who see the future.

gab Answered:
Yes, people do dream visions of the future that has not yet happened and will happen.I have had visions that had happened to me and they came true.

sir meatness von bonar Answered:
Ha! Now they are going to find u and dicect your brain

Ebeth Answered:
yes!!many have dreams to tell the future but dont bragf about it or they probly WILLL dicect u LOL!!;);)

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