I really think my friend might be psychic…?

Alex xD Asked: I really think my friend might be psychic…?

I'm not one to actually believe in psychics, and I was always told by my parents that it's just not possible to be psychic, and that psychics are bad. There has been some strange things going on with my friend, though, and it seems kind of like she is psychic. I'm just not sure though…

The first thing that happened was pretty strange. She had a dream on a Monday night that this one horse that she loved got sold and left the barn that we horse back ride at. Also, in her dream, the horse that just gave birth's foal died. The next week, she texted me when she was at the barn that the horse got sold and the baby died. Of course, I didn't believe her because I knew she had that dream. It turns out though that when I got there, sure enough, the baby died and the horse was gone. She didn't even remember the dream though until I mentioned it, and it freaked us both out.

A little while later, she had another dream about a tsunami and earthquake, but she didn't know where or when it happened. The next day, all over the news was the story about the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. It was exactly how she dreampt it.

Then she had yet another dream that my friend and I both suddenly got sick and couldn't make it to school the next day. In the morning, I was incredibly sick and so was my friend. We both couldn't go to school, just like her dream.

There are also some other little things like she was singing this one song we only sang once in music at the beginning of the year and the next day we ended up singing it. She also says things people are thinking before they say it, and she does the same with texting. So what do you think?


eric gerber Answered:
no there is absolutely no such thing as a psychic she's either effing with you or its pure coincidence

Melanie H Answered:
I think you are reading too much into it, there is no such thing as a psychic. The human brain is wired to look for connections even when there are none, I bet there are plenty of other dreams she's had and songs she's sang that ended up having no meaning but you just think about the ones that did.

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Child of Neptune Answered:
One of the explanations for how psychics do what they do is that their brain is more advanced than the normal human brain at cause and effect. What I mean by that is they see all the different things happening around them and their subconscious presents them with the possible outcome.Sort of like a computer that you put in various pieces of information into and it feeds out a response.
It's just like painters and mathematicians, not everyone can be like them but it is explainable and perfectly natural.

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