I really think I am psychic but nobody believes me?

Faith Asked: I really think I am psychic but nobody believes me?

I will get this strange feeling that something is about to happen, and it does? I have tried telling my mom, best friend, sister and dad but they don't believe me and they demand proof. I don't get the strange feeling when people are around, so they don't believe me! I am not trolling, I am just confused. Once, I was outside and my mom was cooking and I got the strange feeling and a voice in my head kept telling me to go to the kitchen. I wasn't imagining it, it was like someone talking to me. I went to the kitchen to see my mom passed out on the floor. She was fine after a few seconds, but I was so freaked out!!! Tis happens to me all the time and just until recently I started thinking something was going on with me. Please help!!! Don't troll!!!


Takkun Answered:
…that's not being psychic.
no, seriously, that's not being psychic.
Shane Answered:
Basically in innate sense, like animals running from a disaster a few hours before it happens.
David Answered:
Idk … Ur weird. Lol jk. Idk MANN. Just deal with it. It has benefited u has it? Well then just live on. I dunno what 2 saay.
C T Answered:
You want the truth?

Psychic powers do not exist.

People who claim to have them are
1. Delusional
2. Liars
3. Severly mentally ill
4. Or extremely gullible.

Which one of those are you?

Lauren Answered:
I have a similar situation..its rare for me but about 4-8 times a year,i get this random thought in my head…almost as if it was spoken aloud and im pondering it and then the same day the thought comes true…i always know when its my phycic ability becouse the thought feels different then any other thoughts i usually think

ive predicted a dear jumping out in front of a friends car,in a area that normally doesent have a large population of dear.
ive predicted people getting into car accidents,when they where driving perfectly fine.
at breakfast i predicted dinner burning in the oven,it did.
i have predicted death.on perfectly healthy individuals

so many over the past years!

these "feelings"/"predictions" started happening when i was about 8 years old (i am now 28) i have grown to expect them and respect them…i find its best to keep them to myself,no matter how hard you try..you CANT change what destiny has written

dont try to make people believe you…i find its best not to tell anyone and keep it to myself…

bisnu Answered:
sometimes this happens.u feel that but nobody believes u.it seems ur six sense is working u might better have a consult to good doctor it may be a disease as well.
Stephanie Answered:
This happens to me too.

One of the first times I noticed I had "psychic abilities" was when I was in love for the first time. When I was 16 (now 10 years ago :O)… I dreamt that the guy I was in love with who I wasn't really dating we were just casually together… know what I mean… I went online on AOL b/c that's what was popular then before Facebook. In the dream I saw that he had written Whitney all over his profile and I <3 Whitney. And I was heartbroken in my dream of course. Then the next day I got online and there it was his relationship status changed to being with this girl named Whitney W and he made a big deal of it on there. I couldn't believe that. He knew that I would see it. It was like his way of "breaking off" whatever it was that we had together.

But after that I knew that I could foresee certain things. But it only happens with people I'm close to. So for me I know it's a sort of emotional connection that I develop with people. Like one night my mom was driving me home [this was also 10 years ago] and I had this strange feeling. I looked at the moon, it was full and the clouds were partially covering it. I felt like something bad happened. We got home and walked in then we got a call from a police officer. My sister had just gotten in a serious car wreck but thankfully nothing happened to her or her friends even though her car was completely totaled.

I think certain people can most definitely sense things. I don't really talk about it to other people. Only one of my friends knows and believes these psychic abilities that I have. It's something special you have and if others don't believe well then that's their problem haha.

j Answered:
Intuition is a proven event.http://www.sheldrake.org for "telephone telepathy," for example, and http://www.noetic.org has some online psi games.

You might enjoy Man's Psychic Life, Omraam Aivanhov,
Ethical ESP and Watch Your Dreams, Ann Ree Colton, and
Understanding Yourself and The Path of the Higher Self, Mark Prophet.

Rocky Answered:
It happens to me too. Things like you and sometimes I get dreams in advance about the things going to happen in near future. Off course I don't see the things happening in dreams in the exact way as they happen it real life but I get the message in my dreams in a symbolic way. Sometimes I get a feeling that something is wrong and I need to correct it immediately. Then I focus on the things around me or the people around me to find out what is wrong and I locate it to correct it in time. The more you pay attention to such things the more power you develop in this field.

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