I really feel like giving up on life!!!?

MissDior Asked: I really feel like giving up on life!!!?

Please help me I just got out if a relationship and I feel worthless im a beautiful girl 26with years old no kids good job and he's a stripper gangbanger and he gets into alot of trouble I broke up.with him because I knew it was nest for me but now I feel like Im going onto a depression and u don't know what to do…I even have a psychic addiction I keep calling California psychics keen psychic psychic axes getting answers for this relationship I really want to get my life back in track and be happy please help me


NiNaRoSs Answered:
Stop calling psychics,take control of ur self. If u r worried & can change it take action, if u cannot change it forget it. Once u take control of ur life, u will become empowered. U choose the way u think. U choose the way u respond. U cannot have a feeling without having a thought first. So if u sit around thinking negative, then u will continue 2 feel negative.

skya Answered:
Want the reall answer? Go to God and STAY AWAY FROM PSYCHICS! (Trust me). Move on to the next best thing honey, you made a choice to get rid of him, and it sounds like good freaken one! You are too woried about acceptance. I've been there, and once you go after that big money, great career, uding your talents, doing your passions. I'm telling you!! Its weird but all the sudden your like this magnet and guys spot you out outta no where! Create your world love! Create it! Get up on your feet. Jam out to some music and ignore your depression. That emotion is Over reacting inside you. It always over reacts! It likes to put enphasis on your feelings. Its ok, though it can be worked out. Just think very positively. You know what helps being busy doing things and moving up financialy and successfuly! And also doing maybe some self defense classes, get out door adventures, and yoga! Wow yoga is the best! TRusT me! It made a difference in my life when I was highly stressed out and depressed! Take control and fight these lying feelings like a warrior! Just as long as you know you a bad chick you ain't got nothing to worry about, just keep reaching for the stars and you'll be a sparlking diamond in no time! =D real talk. Best wishes and hope this helps!

Carly Answered:
See, you just said that you are a beautiful girl with a good job. You are still so young and I'm sure you have the will power to do ANYTHING you want with your life. You have so many opportunities waiting for you in your life. Don't ask psychics about this, ask God. He knows everything and will help you live a better life. Always remember that you are NOT worthless. There's a reason you are on this planet and you deserve to be happy. Just think of all the good things you have. This man you were in was probably just bringing you down. I'm sure that you are a strong, beautiful woman and you can get through this!

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