I need to talk to a psychic?

jennifer Asked: I need to talk to a psychic?

will the guy i was recently with come back?


Phoenix Answered:
it is highly unlikely
Cartesy Answered:
Yeah. I'm a psychic and he will. Also the cat is sick. You should talk to your mother, she's really stressed out, right now.
Cyber Punk Answered:
Hello OP,

My name is John, I am a psychotherapist.

You do not need a psychic to answer this question. Answer the following questions honestly and objectively. Do you believe he will? Do you want him to? Would you come back if you were him?'

If 2 out of 3 are yes chances are high he will come back..

P.S. Psychics are bullshit.

The Alligator Answered:
be wary of psychics too many are false
SIOBVE Answered:
chosen for what?
Stereotype Answered:
No. You are just another self-indulgent ego-head. Try Vajrayana Buddhism.
Chin song Answered:
The chosen One !!!

It is a figment of your imagination.
I have reason to believe that you have had a pact with the Devil, something in exchange for the "powers".

Nothing is for free.

Joe Answered:
According to some acient scriptures I found in a treasure chest in a secret chamber in my attic the chosen one isn't suppossed to appear for another 7 years (leap years extra day not accounted for). There is a slight chance that you could be the vice chosen one, wich in a case that something happens to the real chosen one you would take over his place. The scripture describes him as a man made out of gingerbread.

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