I need help finding my Pagan path, I feel lost.?

Geroth Asked: I need help finding my Pagan path, I feel lost.?

I have been interested in Paganism for quite some time now but am having trouble finding my path.

I do not feel as if Wicca or eclectic Paganism is something I belong to, Wicca and the whole witchcraft and magick stuff has just never appealed to me and I've been told that eclectic Pagans are not exactly respected by other Pagans.

To start of with I decided to look at the ancient religions and I was told first to look into my ancestry, having Celtic and Germanic roots, I decided to look at those two traditions first however I could not relate to their myths or their gods and goddesses very much, yet I've been told my a psychic that Thor is supposedly my patron, but whether that is true or not I have absolutely no idea.

Undeterred, I also looked into the Hellenic, Roman and Egyptian traditions but so far have found nothing that jumps out at me. It's becoming really frustrating.

Does anybody have any advice for me?


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