I need help dealing with a spirit ?

shadow Asked: I need help dealing with a spirit ?

There is this girl who is good friends with my brother everyday she's predicts something bad that happens to him and it does a girl cheats on him or he wakes up with a terrible night mare tonight she predicted he will have the worst terror dream of his life and tomoro he will be badly injured from what she said so I tried talking to her and all of the sudden she started speaking in Spanish fluently saying my brother better dump his girlfriend or they will both be hurt his girlfriend called right after in amense pain saying she fell down the stairs and now the psychic girl has disapeared my theory is something has possed her and has a liking for my brother what do I do


Ava BrownKohenjust married Answered:
Drink it.

Trish Ls Answered:
I wonder why people always point the finger of accusation at the one who gives the warning and not those she tries to warn? Is it still the Middle Ages?

vikki Answered:
You are correct the demons are very powerfulnot something to be messed with, but if you are sincere you need to be with him and pray out loud, if he won't he could be under demonic influence, you might need to do it on your own. Pray to God but not just any God James 2:19 brings out that the demons shudder at the thought of he true God. When I went through this we prayed "In the name of Jehovah please leave us". he trick is that if you are doing things or if your brother is doing things contrary to to Bible they can come back with a vengeance. So study and make sure you don't have any demonic movies, fortune telling game boards, magic things or anything linked to the demons.

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