I have this weird sort of "power?"?

Glen Mccafferty Asked: I have this weird sort of "power?"?

When i am talking to people, i can read their thoughts and tell what the next few lines of speech will be. I am sort of a logic thinker, i can unravel stories about people that freak them out. Things just come to me, i know when certain things will happen. I am as scared of it as i am curious. I have over 20 pieces of evidence that i can tell when things will happen. People try and say that they are just predictable but it can't be that. I will share something to strengthen my point; I had a dream about a girl i couldn't have possibly have met. She lives over 24,000 miles away from me, and i searched her on facebook and i knew everything about her. EVERYTHING, i am talking about how she died her hair once and it went orange instead of blonde. I am talking about how i knew she was going to her aunties 40th party at 7:30pm on the 24th may. I just don't know what is happening to me! Am i psychic? Or maybe i just have an amazing hunch about things? Please help em with suggestions!


Anonyeti Answered:
Wow really.. I don't believe in those kind of things but you sound genuine. Embrace this 'power' that you have, it's cool. Maybe you can help me? Message me if you will.

Hello Hi Answered:
OMG thats cool, wish I had that! You are psychic, trust. There's no way you can find that out. Add me!!! :O

mike godown Answered:
Hmmm. Did you know I was going to answer this question? Well is say that its a combo of being psychic, good at reading people and being very good looking lol. I'm good at reading people but I don't think I'm psychic. Just looking at people I can tell what kinda of person thay are. Before somebody talks to me i can ushly tell what its about because the way they look or how thay are talking. But who knows man.

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