I have experienced remarkable, inexplicable phenomena?

Earl Asked: I have experienced remarkable, inexplicable phenomena?

I saw a hole in the air.

I wrote about volcanoes and they happened!

I can make my shadow invisible.

About three years ago, this girl and her family moved into the neighborhood and we became friends.

I try to reach out to the no-named faces that come to me every night.

Some people say this is a gift, but it makes me uncomfortable.

My cat Snowball was psychic.

My son was 2-1/2 the first time he amazed me.

I ran away to the parking lot.

I frequently shine a light on the sun.

I receive messages from the high ones.

I feel compelled to tell you things.

I cannot eat chicken rice soup to this day!

I apparently had a conversation with my brother .


requiem Answered:
wall of text

remains unread.


Nicholas Answered:
Marly Answered:
Thanks for a good laugh 🙂
MOMMA Answered:
Why are you wasting your life?
silver d Answered:
It…it all makes sense, now.
your great granpa Answered:
You are truly blessed!
Joe Answered:
You are a most holy prophet! Write a holy book!
Ike Answered:
Earl, you should write a book!

I'm currently reading Max Brooks' "The Zombie Survival Guide -Complete Protection from the Living Dead".

Your experiences are quite similar.

Truly moving, but sometimes the meter slips a little, and next time you could use a little more alliteration.
Spareribs Answered:
All of this is stanger than science.
Science cannot exist outside of a vacuum .
All cats are psychic.
They are the guardians of the under and upper world.
My mother is trying to die from poop blockage and they want us to call hospice.
Who would think poop would kill you?
I hope poop never kills me.
If it does , please don't write about this on the Internet superhighway.
Your mother is the only woman who will truly love you, even when she is hating you.
Never stop remembering the miracles .

The day will come when you will be faced with something horrible and need to remember.

DawnkeyWuvsU Answered:
SOME of these people who don't know you should be ashamed of them selves.

I dreamed I gave birth to a cat and it could speak as soon as it was born.

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