I have dreams about the future?

Asked: I have dreams about the future?

Since I was a young child I would remember of having dreams that would show me the future. Most of the times they were not elaborate. Just visions of my friends and I sitting around laughing wearing the same clothes. By the age of 10 started having more elaborate dreams. I started having dreams of my wife before I met her which today is the same exact lady in my dreams when I was 10. I had dreams of my two sons which I already had names picked out. I Told my wife we would have 2 boys when we started dating. I also had a dream that I was at a funeral looking at pictures not knowing who those the people in those picture were.months later a good friend of mine past away and I was wearing the exact clothes and the exact place standing next to my exact friend looking at my picture with my friend who passed away. My very last dream i had. i remember vividly I woke up and told my wife that I had a dream of a fighter air jet crashing i asked her if I should tell anyone and she says just go back to sleep. That afternoon an air show was taking place and the local news stated that a fighter jet from the air show crashed. My wife has always told me to look up and see what google has to say about these dreams shethinks its freaky that I have these dreams. Does this happen to anyone else. Am I to believe that I might have psychic abilities and how could i strengthen my gift and use it to help other people. one more thing. I also have dreams of people right before they pass away. I have told my wife I had a dream about so and so and couple hours later we get a phone call saying that someone passed away last night. Sorry to keep blabbing just want answers to why I am having these dreams


It's kind of like it's giving you hints of what's to come
some time in some on life what ever you think before sleeping it will comes up in your dreams. and watching the dreams with the close eyes is not a bad thing at all. and some time it's a GOD gifted thing might be that you will get to know in your dreams what will happened in future, and you get the red alerts *** well.

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