I have been having dream visions lately that come true the next day.?

Caro guidette93 Asked: I have been having dream visions lately that come true the next day.?

My aunt is a gifted professional psychic and she tells me I'm gifted I just don't know how to use my gift yet. For the past few months I've been meditating using stones, incense, etc. These past 2 weeks I've been dreaming of future events. for example I dreamed that my father would argue with this woman on a certain street and I text him a day before about my dream and the day after that it happened and cops showed up too lol. Another example I had a dream that me and an ex aqcaintance would meet up and end our feud…The next day he called and we metup for the first time in a year…Does anyone else experience this.


warspeace Answered:
We all have intuition. Don't bet the house on it. Sometimes it's just willful, not wishful thinking. For the most part, "Gifted Psychics" just know how to read people and with a few simple questions and a little deduction any alert individual can appear to be super sensitive. It's kept "men of God", politicians, shrinks and used car salesmen in business for years. On the other hand, I usually know who's on the phone when it rings. I have a high average of wins at Three Card Monte and Baccarat much to the chagrin of street con men and pit bosses. I've been neck deep into Spiritualism and seen things that science can't explain. I've drawn things into my house that wouldn't leave. I actually read the Bible and joined a church after one particular incident, because I was an agnostic that couldn't handle the truth at the time. (Still scares the hell out of me to think about) Oddly enough, the Bible has a lot to say about the subject. There is nothing wrong with intuition. When you set yourself up for personal gain and/or rely on it, you will find hell to pay. Incidentally, there is someone you know with a P or a D in their name that is going to take a fall soon. Tell them to be careful. (For further information there is a South Park episode regarding John Edward that you may cull some solid guidance on the subject from) Seriously though? Let things happen the way they were meant to if you are actually, shall we say, aware. I've found that intervention set off a "Butterfly Effect" and made matters worse in the long run. Remeber that "ex" was an ex for a reason in the first place, and it's rare that a leapord changes it's spots.

GKitteh Answered:
i have a gift too i have visions but lately i have had pretty bad visions =(
ones that make me grieve for this earth and all it's inhabitants =(
anyway use it well try to decode your dreams and make sense of them and if you have a gut feeling not to do something, DON'T us phsychics know when somethings up always trust your gut and heart of course =)

Rob Answered:
Well I don't believe in psychics and personally think their full of crap. No offense to your aunt. But anyways I would dream about this girl I loved but never told her how I felt for years and then the dreams stopped all of a sudden. Then after about a months time I had a dream that she told me she didn't want me anymore. The very next day I found out she got married a month ago. So yea. It happens.

Alucard Answered:
I have those kinds of dreams but they don't really come the next day they happen over time like I had a few dreams where they would occur days or years later, how I remembered a dream from years ago I don't remember so you're not alone

Justin Montgomery Answered:
I get these all the time and have Deja vu often, it's pretty cool but strange. And scientists say we only use less than 1/4 of our brain, so you never know we could be psychic.

lil G Answered:
look at all the questions on here about this stuff. of course other people experience this stuff. anyways, there are some creepy dreams.

Moises paulo Padilla Answered:
that is a gift from our almighty god dont waste it use it as your own protectionwhatvisions like?

LiL BrOwN Answered:
Don't worry i get the same thing too. Couple of years ago I dreamed that one of my cousin was gonna have 2 kids one girl and one boy, but she wasn't even pregnant. Months later i find out that she's pregnant and was having a girl and then a year later she ended up having a boy. That same year I dreamed that my brother was with a girl and she was pregnant, but I couldn't see her face it was blurry "when i dream of there face being blurry it means that i don't know them, but will meet them later on" and i asked him if his girl was pregnant and he said no but they did a pregnancy test and it came out positive… its funny how dreams work…

Macho Nacho Answered:
Yea I get something like that.For me its like a dreaming deja-vu.I've been called a spiritual person by some although I don't aspire to be.However, I would say I try to be as conscientious of a person as possible.Foreseeing experiences for me started happening in HS I would have a brief random dream about something like one time i dreamed that a few friends and I were sitting on my couch, kicking back in my living room and another one of my friends was in my room being a dork as usual and screamed something out to us, and one of my buddies dorkisly responded back.When the real life situation went down I was able to catch on and predict what my friend was going to respond back to my other friend.The next time something like this happened I was able to not catch on in my head but also utter the foreseeing on time.Its kind of fun and funny, i don't know, I posted about it on my Facebook and a few friends said they get deja-vu from time to time to.Not sure what it's exactly like for them.I've also had intense dreams that feel real life like, where I'm flying like Superman, then in the next dream some friends join in on the flying another one where I'm hanging out with my favorite dead rapper.I've had a few nightmares where bad things are happening to me and loved ones. I definitely don't want those life like bad dreams to come true, but just like the flying and rapper dream, I could tell it was a dream.Whereas the foreseeing deja-vu was like a dream, although it happens when I'm sleeping.The foreseeing of events deja-vu is more like a sequence of pictures that come together with voice.It doesn't happen in normal speed like my other dreams.Before the foreseeing events take place I usually do feel like there is a lingering foreseeing about to take placeyet I'm usually not fully aware what it is.Its like I dream it and I know about it, but I don't fully know about it when I wake up.I wake up feeling like "was that a dream or a deja-vu?"I usually just forget about it and wait to see what happens.Perhaps they are signs, that will save someones life, my life, the worlds life?Maybe God, the world or spirits are trying to tell us something, while we have to stay faithful and true to ourselves, following our heart that kind of stuff.

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