I have a spirtual question?

Sexy Chick Asked: I have a spirtual question?

Ok so on Friday I went to a psychic to get a reading. She told me i was a "crystal child" and that i was an "old soul" saying i have been on this earth before. I don't really know what a crystal child is and was wondering if anyone could help me. She suggested some books to me that i might look into. Also, she thought i was psychic myself. Here are the books she suggested to me:
1. Indigo Children (for my mom)
2. Pleiadian Workbook
3. Rune Power by Kenneth Meadows
By the way, I am 14 years old.


Lauren Answered:
Ok, please don't take this the wrong way, but…

psychics are liars who tell poor innocent people like you rubbish to con you out of money.

So don't worry about it.

Atheist Warrior Answered:
I never met a pyschic who ever told me something useful.

liwmld Answered:
you are a child and you are naming yourself, "sexy chick?"sorry, but that shows right there how very immature you really are.not to mention your "psychic" question.

dear, i don't know your background, i don't know why you've chosen to buy into this psychic crap, but i have one piece of advice for you:do not follow this world and it's values, but follow Jesus Christ.forget psychics, forget "sexy," and focus on the God of the Universe.the only living God of the Bible.truly, time is short.choose wisely who you will follow.psychic phenomena comes from the devil.he is real and God says he roams about the earth searching for those whom he can devour.you're a sitting duck without Jesus in your life.think about it.instead of reading psychic books, pick up God's word.imagine that God is real, that He is true, and that He gave you a chance to personally KNOW Him, and you refused to even give it a try.instead, you turned to the devil.that's what you're doing!seriously, turn to Him and forget "psychic powers," which are really just the devil's tools to enslave you and ultimately destroy you.there is freedom in Christ.i will pray for you.

Scully Answered:
These people make a lot of money from anybody who will listen – don't loose sleep over it.

Gedia Answered:
She is pulling you into her web to seduce your purse, like them all. They are life destroyers, as they need to to return to clip your ticket for them to make a sly deceitful living. But if you are gullible to always them to take your money then so be to it.

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