I have a follow up on my belief that I’m Psychic?

Asked: I have a follow up on my belief that I’m Psychic?

Hey, I'm going to add more information on what has been going on with me. Lately I have been seeing things… Weird things… Such as orbs of light and shadows…. Shadow people… I finally decided to talk to my uncle about this… He can communicate with the dead, and he's psychic… I explained to him what is going on… He told me that he went through the same thing… And that I am psychic.. He told me that I shouldn't be scared… It's a blessing… Not a curse… We're different…. No in a bad way, but in a good way…He said that it can run in the family…. He also told me that I have TOTAL control… Please don't leave hate on this, I'm just trying to update my last post, and help others who are going through what I am going through… Thanks!


Your uncle is playing you.
Quick, What am I thinkng about you ?????
The only thing more delusional than people who believe in God is people who believe they share supernatural powers with God.

Sorry, but you cannot communicate with the dead.That's why we call them *dead*, sweetie….

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