I feel my classmate really can read my mind, any psychic who can explain. please?

Asked: I feel my classmate really can read my mind, any psychic who can explain. please?

Okay, so I really don't believe in this paranormal, psychic things.
But I have this classmate/dorm mate who I really can feel is reading my mind and it's obvious in his actions. I'm just a 14 year old studying in a school with free dormitory, and I'm with this guy who I feel
can really read my mind and for my 2 year experience with him ,I can already talk to him through his mind-reading but he don't admit it since our two years, but I'm not yet talking to him about this thing personally, but I talk to him through his mind, he can hear what I'm talking by he reaading my mind while I don't get any reply from him beacause I don't have this ability of reading mind or he don't connect and talk to me personally/physically through mouth and ear. I think he can read my mind as fast as simultaneously as I think of something. I have a long details to share and if someone who knows something about this, please can we talk about this? thanks.


So you're sure he can, and yet you haven't asked him to prove it? Please do that first.
1. no they can't
2. you will be a sucker for every scam out there if you don't learn how to evaluate things with common sense and rational thinking.

note: pay more attention in class and less attention to what you think he's thinking about what you're thinking…..get it..??

You need some professional help on this one, as what you're describing MAY be symptomatic of various mental health issues.Talk first with your guidance counselor, if you don't have one, seek a therapist.

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