I dream about someone perfect for a horror movie?

Asked: I dream about someone perfect for a horror movie?

Whenever my dream resembles some kind of horror movie, I always dream of a girl who has shoulder length black hair, a bloody face and a ripped wedding dress. Whenever I see her in my dreams, I always see her in the same place; an old, abandoned house next to my current home( I live in a compound and the house is right next to mine, plus my grandfather owned the abandoned house. He passed away a few years ago) In my dreams, she only appears to me even though have company.

A few nights after my first dream about her, I was wide awake and I walked out of my house to get some fresh air. When I looked at my grandfather's empty house's garage, I saw a woman staring at me and she looked awfully the same, but with a shorter dress and slightly longer hair. I ran back inside my house and told my parents about it but my dad told me it must have been my imagination. I agreed but a few days later, our psychic friend claimed to see that same girl in the same place I saw her. My dad still didn't believe.

After that, I began to dream about her again! Is this some kind of a coincidence or am I haunted? Mind helping me please?


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