I can’t battle online with my pokemon please help!?

David Asked: I can’t battle online with my pokemon please help!?

I have
Rotom(water form)-moves:trick,shadow ball,discharge,hydro pump-item:mystic water
Latios-moves:surf,thunder,dragon pulse,psychic-item:magnet
Hydreigon-moves:dragon pulse,crunch,surf,dragon rush-item:lustrous orb
Zoroark-moves:u-turn,faint attack,foul play,night daze-item:lax incense
Blaziken-moves:hi jump kick,brave bird,blaze kick,dig-item:soft sand
Zorua-moves:punishment,foul play,faint attack,night daze-item:shell bell

I got all of them using action replay but I caught them using the pkmn modifier so I caught them as wild pkmn on black so it should be okay to use them since I've used other ones I caught like that online before, I'm playing black,I've heard ppl using zorua and zoroark online and none of the pkmn have any special abilities so what's wrong??? Help!!:)


Mekkah Answered:
I believe rotom (water form) is banned online. For some odd reason nintendo bans all the non-original rotom forms. I think it may be because they are all named rotom and they think children won't be able to tell the difference or something.

Also, it may be because your pokemon are hacked. Even though you caught them, Nintendo still may be able to tell they are hacked.

naimul1225 Answered:
It's because they're hacked.

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