How’s my White 2 team looking?

Asked: How’s my White 2 team looking?

I'm three gyms in, and this is my third playthrough of a Generation V game. I'm at the third gym, so my team is relatively low leveled. I'm not playing competitively, so I don't intend to replace my team solely because of a bad nature. My team is as follows:

Whirlipede – Poison Point – Docile
Venoshock – Rollout – Poison Tail (replace with Toxic?) – Bug Bite

Crobat (shiny!) – Inner Focus – Brave
Wing Attack (replace with Toxic?) – Confuse Ray – Fly – Bite

Pignite – Blaze – Adamant
Arm Thrust (replace?) – Flame Charge – Ember (replace!) – Rollout

Herdier – Sand Rush – Lonely
Work Up (replace with Sandstorm?) – Strength – Dig – Bite

Flaffy – Static – Naive
Take Down (replace?) – Charge – Thunder Wave – ThunderShock (replace with Thunderbolt)

Psyduck – Cloud Nine – Quiet
Disable – Confusion – Fury Swipes (replace?) – Water Pulse

My only concern is an overall weakness to Psychic types. I have a few dark and bug attacks to counter it, but I'm not sure it's enough. I also have no way of countering a powerful ground type, since I don't readily understand them.

Am I fine, or do I need to beef up my team?


Great team, but Psyduck isn't the best choice for water. Likewise, a weakness to psychic won't matter until you reach the League. I suggest catching a wild Eevee in Castelia City and evolving it into Vaporeon after you finish the 3rd gym.

– Thunder Wave, Power Gem (34), Signal Beam (47), Discharge (38) / Thunderbolt

You should have waited to evolve Mareep, that way you'd have early access to its best moves. Don't evolve Flaffy until 47, so you'll be able to use Signal Beam against psychic-types. Thunder Wave can be used to slow down faster enemies.

– Rock Smash, Flame Charge, Work Up, Rollout

Your Pignite has a fantastic nature, so you should take advantage with a physical moveset. Use Work Up first to boost your attack, then hit them with Flame Charge to raise speed, or whatever will deal super-effective damage. You can get Rock Smash at Virbank Complex.

– Bug Bite, Venoshock, Toxic, Poison Tail

– Fly, Bite, Toxic (or Poison Fang), U-Turn

Considering you already have fly, I suspect you're able to trade with another version for better TMs? If so, just teach Crobat Toxic and U-Turn , or wait until 42 to give it Poison Fang.

– Aqua Ring, Acid Armor, Water Pulse, Aurora Beam

Navigate through the sewers and come up in the park to find Eevees. Vaporeon has a lot of good moves and later on, you should replace this moveset with Surf, Ice Beam and Shadow Ball.

honestly i think the team is very good. and about ground types let me clear them up for you. ground types usually learn rock and ground type moves, they are weak to ice,water,grass,and i think fighting, and as long as the ground type pokemon doesnt know a rock type move you should be fine. and also as long as your crobat leanrs a new move like i think it can learn ice beam and blizzard, you should have nothing wrong with your team! personally my team was lucario zoaroark black kyruem crobat and a sceptile (traded into game)

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