How’s my Pokemon team in FireRed?

Asked: How’s my Pokemon team in FireRed?

I'm about to go to the Elite Four and I need to know if I have a good team.

Blastoise – Level 54 – Hydro Cannon, Bite, Rain Dance, Surf
Alakazam – Level 52 – Dream Eater, Confusion, Psychic, Recover
Machamp – Level 52 – Low Kick, Karate Chop, Cross Chop, Strength
Raichu – Level 52 – Thunderbolt, Thunder, Quick Attack, Thundershock
Venusaur – Level 54 – Frenzy Plant, Razor Leaf, Sleep Powder, Synthesis
Charizard – Level 53 – Flamethrower, Blast Burn, Cut, Fly

…I also have these two high level Pokemon that are sitting out right now that I sometimes use…

Dragonite – Level 55 – Fly, Dragon Claw, Slam, Earthquake
Gengar – Level 50 – Shadow Ball, Curse, Thief, Sludge Bomb


change venuzar with dragonite or one of the other pokemon
If I were you, I'd level them all up to around levels 70-75. Really, they should at the very least be at about level 60-65. You'd have trouble going up against even the first guy with those.

The first trainer is ice, so use your charizard. The next guy is ground/rock. Use Machamp. Next one is ghost I'm pretty sure, and from I can remember, I just hit them with my strongest pokemon that weren't normal/rock/ground. The fourth trainer is dragon, but seeing as a few of them fly, I would use Raichu against them, and my strongest pokemons. The last is that derp rival, and you pretty much have to match up all his pokemon to yours with the right types.


– Before you go inside, stock up on revives, full restores, full heals, and hyper potions. That way between fights you can get your pokemon's health back up again.
– Save the game between fights. This way, you can go up against the same person over and over again until you defeat them. This is how I've defeated the pokemon league a lot of times.
– Pace yourself. Unless your pokemon are all already on level 100, you're going to have a hard time.

Ok its pretty hood but a few changes…
Give alakazamhypnosis for confusion so u can use dream eater more… (I think he learns it)
Give machampa focus punch or ice punch for low kick… Or swap for dragonite and give dragonite outrage for slam when he learns it
Give blastoise ice beam for bite… (game corner)
Give riachu a thunder wave for thunder shock ( from the girl in silph co.)
Give venusaur a healing move leech seed or giga/mega drain (you get giga drain from beating the 4th gym)
And for charizard get rid of cut and give him rock slide(from the guy in the cave before the 4th gym)
Hope this helped
swap out hydrocannon for ice beam, drop dream eater for shadow ball, swap out confusion for psybeam, take out low kick for earthquake, check hidden power for raichu, swap frenzy plant for solar beam and razor leaf for sunny day and blastburn for dragon claw.Then you'll be good.

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