how to know if your psychic?

Leila Asked: how to know if your psychic?

lately I've been thinking a lot about psychic abilities, and i guess the gut feeling ive been having that once up on a time i may have been psychic or something around that area. when i was small i remember knowing things for no reason. premonitions i guess you could call them. for example… i remember once when i was about 7 or 6 i had a feeling, no wait, i knew that when my grandpa went to bed that night, he would roll off the bed, at the time it was funny because i could see this movie in my head of exactly what he was wearing and the way he just rolled off the bed… i could even hear the sound he made when he fell. that night i went to bed and grandpa lay down with me for a while and he fell a sleep, as the time of him rolling off the bed came closer, my anxiety grew. and finally boom!!! i saw it happen… exactly what i knew was going to happen. exactly the way i knew it was going to happen.

ive always had weird feelings of people watching me, especially at night. but im not sure if its real, it seems as i got older it faded away, but i had a very crazy childhood and teenage years, im not sure if it contributed to me losing any of this ability. so, im not even sure if i ever was or am. how can i find out? would it ever be stronger like it was when i was smaller? and if you are, can it go away or get weaker?

thanks in advance


Sir John Answered:
for many people if they don't fully acknowledge their abilities they will fade away. however the second you decide that what you saw was real and that you indeed can see the future, thats when it starts to come back.

Your story is similar to mine as children we have strong psychic abilities because our innocence. I let mine leave me but I'm working to get them back and they have come back with time, and dedication. i mediate every morning which helps a lot.

to answer your literal questions look in your past to see if thats why your abilities went away, i had to deal with some emotional stuff i suppressed before mine started to come back. and they will be stronger than when you were younger if you train your mind. they will not go away again unless you stop working your abilities again. its kinda like a muscle use it or lose it.

j Answered:
Meditation tends to help nurture and balance psi. has some fun psi games and tests. has the occasional psi how-to show or guest. has summaries of some science experiments. and are generally interesting, as are and
Ethical ESP, and Watch Your Dreams, Ann Ree Colton,
The Masters and Their Retreats, and Understanding Yourself, Mark Prophet, and
Man's Psychic Life, and Light Is a Living Spirit, Omraam Aivanhov, are helpful.
Ivan D Answered:
To me it seems you are psychic and if you are psychic you know it go find a psychic or a witch to help you.

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