How to improve psyhcic abilities?

Brenda Asked: How to improve psyhcic abilities?

So I'm kind of psychic but I wanna improve my abilities, what can I do?Does meditation help?If so what type , thanks 🙂


Eliot K Answered:
Take a few science courses – there is no such thing as "psychic abilities."

Is there no education in your country??

Don't you have parents?

power Answered:
You can go to your local library website & put the word psychic in the search or intuition & bring up what they have & start ordering things. I am reading a book by Terry & Linda Jaminson & they talk a lot about themselves but as a first book you might like to read what they offer. I am writing the things they give that are questions or steps to do. There are tons of books. I also like Oh, I can think of the author but the book is How to Rule the World from your couch.

We are all psyhic but some are more gifted just as we can all sing but some are greater at it than others so use your gift & the dvds & all you can get might help you recognize your gift more.

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