How to harness my psychic abilities?

All You Need Is Love Asked: How to harness my psychic abilities?

**If you do not believe in "psychics" or know nothing about the topic, please don't even bother reading this question. Your opinions are irrelevant.

Anyways, so lately things have been happening where I have a sense or premonition of them before it happens, and I believe I have some level of psychic abilities. I know one of my aunties on my moms side of the family is psychic so I'm sure it's been passed down through genetics or something? Anyways, my question was for anyone who has any idea/information on how to harness/develop or strengthen my psychic abilities. Any starting place would be great. And no, I'm not buying any books or dvd's or any of that crap, I just want some help. Thanks.


Citizen of Ireland Answered:
Stop lying to yourself about your psychic abilities. Only the freakos believe in that stuff.
Parercut Faint Answered:
Well, you could ask your aunt. Really, if you don't know how do you expect US to know! :) Good luck on your pshychic abilities though!

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