How to cope with being an empath?

Asked: How to cope with being an empath?

Okay, so life has been pretty hard on me, because I've never been able to make decisions in my best interest for fear of hurting people, or just because I know how people are feeling in their life so I cannot do anything but love them when they treat me badly.This has become an ongoing struggle.I'm 19, and just figured out that I'm an empath.Before, I know that I could feel other's emotions and know what their going through but I just thought that that's how everyone was.It wasn't until I met a psychic/healer that I knew what it was.I feel like it is a curse.I know it isn't, because I want to be a psychologist and help people, but I also know that I need to balance all of the overwhelming emotions I feel.My manager has been depressed lately and I can't even enjoy going to work.I'm about to quit my job, because I'm just never happy there.Is there any way I can balance these feelings and maybe push them out when I need to or turn them into positive energy? Someone I know can be sad and I'll just cry because I know their pain without them even telling me.Anyone have advice?


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