How should I train my Pokemon? (Ruby)?

Matt Asked: How should I train my Pokemon? (Ruby)?

I have:
Blaziken (42)
Lairon (33)
Tentacruel (31)
Machamp (30)
Alakazam (30)
Swellow (28)

I need to beat the Psychic Gym and then catch Groudon. I just lost to the Psychic Gym. How should I go about training my pokemon/catching new pokemon so that i can beat the Psychic Gym and then catch Groudon? I don't want to entirely reconstruct my line-up but I realize adjusting is necessary. Also I don't want to take forever getting my pokemon to level 100000000000001.


Mighty Answered:
Well right now, the only pokemon who isn't weak against psychic is swellow. Unfortunately, the twin psychic trainers use pokemon with good physical defense. So, train swellow to 40 something, and train tentacreul up too. Get rid of machamp because you already a good fighting pokemon in blaziken. If you're gonna use lairon, train it hard. I wouldn't recommend using it because you will get groudon later. Train your alakazam, not just for the gym, but because it can be a great pokemon!

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