How or where do psychics develop the ability to read people so well?

Linda Lu Asked: How or where do psychics develop the ability to read people so well?

I personally do not believe in them but I admire their ability to read people so easily. I talked to one at a stand at the fair. Is it natural or is there some sort of class you should take to become a psychic?


kro Answered:
A lot of it is natural.

I'm really good at telling what people are thinking. It's all about body language, tone of voice, the words they use and how they say them.

You can learn how to do it.

Watch the first season of Lie to Me they give some really good examples of how to read people in the first season. The second season not so much.

sptool Answered:
Once upon a time there was a man that liked fluffy pillows. He napped all the time. Then one day he decided to jump on one foot until he passed out.

LADY Answered:
If there were classes on how to become a psychic, there would be soooo many more of them.I believe that those who are truly psychic are born with the gift and learn how to chanel their energy in order to refine their skills.

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