How is this for a damn near ultimate Pokemon for Diamond, Pearl, Platinum?

thewalkingblondemoment Asked: How is this for a damn near ultimate Pokemon for Diamond, Pearl, Platinum?

Snorlax @ leftovers
Thick Fat ability
Careful Nature ( – Sp. Atk, + Sp. Def) or Impish Nature ( – Sp. Atk, + Def)
252 Attack EV
252 Def EV
4 Sp. Def EV
(This Pokemon is mainly made to go second in battle)
Payback (or Zen Headbutt)
Brick Break
Ice Punch

My reasoning for this move pool:
Attack type/Super effective against
Ground (Earthquake)/Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Fighting (Brick Break) / Normal, Ice, Steel, Dark, Rock,
Ice ( Ice Punch)/ Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ground
and either
Dark (Payback)/ Psychic, Ghost
Psychic (Zen Headbutt) / Fighting, Poison.
if you count it up, Snorlax would have

1 Weakness (fighting)
2 Resistances (Fire & Ice)
14 Neutral.

Super effective attacks on
(If using Payback) 15 types
With Neutral attacks on Bug, Water, and Fighting
(if using Zen Headbutt) 14 types,
With neutral attacks on Water, Bug, Psychic, and Ghost.

If I use Zen Headbutt, I cover my weakness, but I lose a type advantage.
If I use Payback, more likely than not, my attack power will be doubled, and I gain a type advantage. But I don't cover my weakness.

Which attack should I use, and why? Tell me what you think of this Pokemon idea?


Lily Answered:

MaLily Answered:
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