How is my pokemon white team?

Asked: How is my pokemon white team?

Chandelure lv 100
-Shadow Ball

Volcarona lv 100
-Heat Wave
-Bug Buzz

Serperior lv 100
-Leaf Storm
-Leaf Blade

Krookodile lv 93
-Foul Play
-Stone Edge

Braviery lv 77
-Brave Bird

Hydriegen lv 70
-Dragon Pulse
-Draco Meteor
-Hyper Voice


cuz ur white?
Awful. And gross.

But to be fair, I don't play white, I hardly go as far as emerald. I personally think shizz should have stopped at gold/crystal, most pokemon after this are stupid. Like, how the frig does a pokemon hatch out of an egg, and just happen to be wearing a karate outfit thing. It's pointless. And all the moves that they've come up with, they're just old moves with different elements. Its fudged.

So yeah, in my opinion, thems is a bad team.

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