how does this plot sound for a teen novel?

Alex Asked: how does this plot sound for a teen novel?

Hey guys how does this plot sound for a teen novel starting in junior year of high school, please include your opinion, and add the following things in your answer:
1. does the story makes you feel like you wanna read it?
2. is it interesting?
3. What do you not like in it?

here the plot:
Following that Justins decision of going to Hollywood was thwarted by his parents, he decides to leave their house and starts staying with his Uncle. Justins brother Weston also returns from college but Justin is bitter to him because he left him all these years ago. Justin visits the psychic once again to see what will happen anymore, to which she says that he will do something very bad at the end of this year if he doesnt control his anger. However Justin is still furious now that he is alone following that his best friend Chase left during the summer. Justin meets a guy named Wyatt at the Basketball court after getting drunk, the two of them become friends but little does he know Wyatt unintentionally drags Justin into his wild world of drugs and spoiled living. Bonding with Wyatt makes Justin more stiff and confident which leads to Justin officially creating Library Club and Heads it harshly, and after firing his assistant he starts to bond with Laura who understands his painful life. On the day of his Speech Wyatt offers Justin some coke to loosen up with nervousness and then he falls into an addiction. However when Justin starts doing and dealing drugs his behavior and arrogance rises to peak leaving him to disconnect with Weston while he also starts getting into fights and it causes a rift between him and Wyatt but he realizes he has feelings for Laura so indirectly confesses it but she denies, so heartbroken drunk Justin runs over Wyatt and he is taken to hospital but Justin runs away for a week and returns with severe grief of all the things he has done, he apologizes to everyone he has shattered and humiliated. And spends half of his summer in Rehab, but Laura doesnt forgive him.

sorry if its long, thanks in advance.


USER Answered:
The story doesn't make me want to read it- Justin sounds selfish and stupid. The ending isn't interesting, and there aren't any dynamics to it. I don't like the drug taking- his personality seems to change throughout the story. Potentially, could be good, but you need to simplify the story and

-keep it down to about three main characters
-have a beginning, middle and end
-a twist in the story
-don't make it predictable!

This should help you, sorry if I seemed harsh.

mman18 Answered:
1. No
2. No
3. The psychic (seriously nobody needs a psychic in modern novels), the lukewarm romance and the speech.

Here's some harsh criticism that's gonna help in the long run – I got bored before I reached halfway. Here's a tip: focus less on his school life and more on his criminal activities. For instance, what criminal contacts besides Wyatt does he have? What drugs does he deal, and to whom?

behappy Answered:
Sorry not but it doesn't sound very interesting.

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