How does psychic ability work?

Jthg Vhgv Asked: How does psychic ability work?

Stuff like ESP and what not. The Christians say it works through demons. If they're right, then you definitely want to stay away.

You think ESP works through the spirit world, supernatural forces? Or can it be explained by science? If it can, then how???

I know psychics are real. They may not be common, but there has been at least a handful throughout history.

ESP is completely unexplainable by mainstream science. How can a brain receive information that is imperceptible to the senses? How can a brain receive information about the future? Can quantum physics explain it?

If not, then wouldn't the Christians be right? Wouldn't psychics be proof of supernatural entities?


eri Answered:
In order to try to explain it using science, first we'd have to establish that it exists at all.And that's never been done.No, psychics aren't real.They're all frauds.There are millions of dollars in prize money and a Nobel Prize for anyone who could show they have ESP or psychic powers.No one ever has – not ever.

RyRy Answered:

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Jen Answered:
If all psychics knew the number they would all be rich by now. I don't think so try you're favorite numbers. Or quick picks.

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