how do you deal with a woman?

john jay Asked: how do you deal with a woman?

i try to be the best man possible. i try to be caring, understanding, empathetic, sympathetic, encouraging, and try to be as loving as possible, all with trying to give as much personal room as possible. i also try to have alot of communication as possible, and i try to encourage us to talk our issues out. in essence, im trying to be a good husband while at the same time allowing her room individually.

but how do i be a mind reader? how do i be a psychic also?

how do you deal with a woman who doesnt use logic in a situation but would rather i guess whats wrong rather then tell me whats wrong so i can help.


Married Answered:
Sounds like my husband is talking. Women just think there husbands should just feel our pain because we are soul mates. I shouldn't have to tell you that something is wrong with me, you are my husband, you know everything about me. You should know that I am not Ok.

Mad Luv akaPril Answered:
You speak one way
she speaks another way..
you either both work hard together and find a dual langage you can speak or seek out to understand her and ask for the same.

what is logical to you is not logical to me. we have different backgrounds thus logic is up to the one applying it.
i also suggest reading and or visiting the site about the 5 love languages. it has some key info that might help you.

sounds to me she don't know how to open up. and your showing her love but in a language that she doesn't know.

pick any language that you don't know anything about… better yet I made up a language last night.

eian aofah, werofap,= i love you but I never told you that it means I love you .. you would of thought (typo or wTF)
your s peaking to her likeeian aofah weofapand she don't understand.chances are the same thing is happening to her.

only you two can fix it..

Y ask ME Answered:
I believe that married couples that belong together can tell when there is a problem with their spouse without them opening their mouth. Learn you wife style what makes her happy and what makes her sad,study her body language during both periods and then some things you will just know with out her telling you.

EverTight Answered:
Ugh, this is something all women need to learn (and men too, for that matter)!
Your spouse can't read your mind.You have to TELL them what you are thinking.
You need to just tell her that you can't read her mind and she needs to talk to you.
She needs to learn that men prefer things to be open and upfront, that they want women to be blunt and just say it like it is, no beating around the bush or mind games.
Maybe show her these answers.

you need to talk to her

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