how come psychics don’t win the lottery?

notm feel Asked: how come psychics don’t win the lottery?

well i mean, its not like they could just predict the numbers, right? because to do that you would have to be like physc……………OH MY GOD!


Ryan Against Answered:
Because a good and honest psychic will not be using their abilities in such a way that could effect others in a bad way. And besides, most psychics makes enough money for predicting other peoples future!

MadLiz Answered:
Its probably because they are not allowed to do it or they would lose their powers.

eelbasjak Answered:
I think the earth would reverse direction or something like that if the psychics abused their talent on trivial things like money

biire2u Answered:
Because all psychics are different and their abilities will work for them in such a way, and things-thoughts, visions come to them as it comes, usually unexpectedly. I don't play much, but when I did, i wrote the numbers down and my wife when to get the ticket, I had one extra number written down and I said for her to buy a ticket using the number from the beginning, and she started from the other end, so we didn't win. I don't know why I had a extra number, but back then it was one number less than it is now. Oh well, cannot win them all…..I use to play another game where you had to pick the numbers, I played five games that day, and won on three of them, not bad, but they were all small wins.

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