How can we help the religious think their way clear of the intellectual black hole they are trapped

Carl Pierce Asked: How can we help the religious think their way clear of the intellectual black hole they are trapped

I was reading an article in the new scientist today by a philosopher called Stephen Law and the gist of it is about the way that the religious/peddlers of woowoo protect their beliefs by drawing a veil across reality and saying 'you scientists can go up to the veil but no further'. Behind the veil they put angels, aliens, psychic powers, demons, Gods and so on. Then they insist that there are special people who can see dimly through this veil and that therefore they 'know' there is something else.

When you get them cornered in an argument they often get skeptical aboutreason itself. 'Ah but science is just another faith position'. Essentially this argument lays waste to every position as it brings every belief – such as milk can make you flydown to the same level so they all appear equally 'reasonable'. Of course, you can be sure that this person in reality trusts their life to reason trusting the brakes on their car or a particular drug to cure them.

So theists maybe that why it is so hard to drag you from your mental black holes when you are hiding behind a magic veil where reason can't enter the world is 6,000 years old, milk can make you fly, snakes talk and adam was made from clay.


Elmer Answered:
We can't.They're hopelessly brainwashed by their cult.

Matthew Answered:
Supplying genuine proof of macroevolution would be an excellent start.

Edge Spear Answered:

Stop stuffing your beliefs down my throat!

Lonesome Polecat Answered:
Some wake up but most never do. Look up god gene. It is a theory that there is a god gene and those who have it are genetically predisposed to believe in a superstition.

Got Jesus Answered:
The only escape is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

itsamini1 Answered:
Atheism is quickly becoming a new form of religion. People trying to force others to believe the way they do.I am not religious but I don't think it is my job to change others belief system.

C Y Answered:
Well, is just that my vision is greater than yours. Not only can I see the physical world around me but also the spiritual. Kind of like graviton and you are like a photon.

Seigneur Diable Answered:
Leave them be for now. As the amount of people getting educated rises their population lowers, time and eduction will wash away those silly beliefs.

Morla Answered:
In order for a soul to be converted, the soul must first desire conversion.

We have to free them of circular logic, no easy task.

p of the West Answered:
Hi, I am a Christian. A person you discripe as someone who lives in a fairytale world.
Something in your question just doesn't add up. You are so sure you are right about the whole thing. But did you know there is acctualy prove that the Bible is right? If I tell you about it you'll say: Yeah but that is something you can't acctualy count as prove! So are you not doing axacly the same thing as we, christians, you think are doing? You 'know' there is nothing else. You 'know' there is no other thing than what you can see. You 'know' we are poor people who are living in a fantasy, and you want to make us realise that we are 'wrong'. That's what you're doing.

Margreet Answered:
How do we cure you of your spiritual blindness and enable you to see God as He has revealed Himself?How do we get you to see beyond this finite, material world?

We can't…only God can do that…

jennifer Answered:
You will never be able too do that,for at the other end of that black hole is heaven and if you would get out of that prison that Satan has put you in,tou could join them,you can do this by-
For greater fullness of graces and greater glory in heaven,
Explore and discover the many gifts of APPARITIONS that God has sent for your spiritual guidance, enjoyment and enrichment ,for as in Gods PIETA PRAYER book, great are the heavenly treasures within these gifts.
Pray the holy rosary for world peace and for all of Gods children to pray the holy rosary, and here is a blessing and a our father prayed just for you, with a loving hug from Jesus Christ for all of gods children.
Carry a Holy Scapular on you at all times and you will be saved.

Neat Guy Answered:
Go ask God, then come back, and answer for yourself. And the question is How do we help people (not christians) escape from the black hole THEY are trapped in? Believing in God is the only ticket to heaven

Abbey Wilson Answered:
Its funny the greatest geniuses of are time even believed there was a God of some sort.

The more I study science, the more I believe in God. by …Albert Einstein

mustard seed Answered:
Lol, maybe you should try extracting yourself from your own black hole before trying to free others from theirs.

Also Albert Einstein was not an atheist.

"You may call me an agnostic, but I do not share the crusading spirit of the professional atheist whose fervor is mostly due to a painful act of liberation from the fetters of religious indoctrination received in youth. I prefer an attitude of humility corresponding to the weakness of our intellectual understanding of nature and of our own being."

He was apparently too smart to be that stupid.

J Answered:
Every word of God is pure; He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him. (Proverbs 30:5)

Carl, there is plenty of proof for the Bible truths – scientifically valid, undeniable proof.As a matter of fact, the more scientifically advanced we become – the more science catches up with the Bible.Things that could not be proven in days of old that had to be accepted by faith now have plenty of proof behind them (thank you, Margareet – keep up the good fight!). You simply choose to believe what you want and refuse to hear anything else. The proof means nothing to you.

You can believe anything you want to (God gave you that right) – but that does not make it true just because you choose it. You can spend your time viciously and self-righteously attacking other peoples beliefs and defending yourself with your "I am just trying to get them to see how they are wrong and I am right" mentality but in the end it will still land you before God to answer to Him – just like the rest of us.

The Bible describes you as "ever learning but never coming to the truth.." Talk about circular reasoning…

Here is the greatest truth you are missing out on: Jesus love YOU, Carl.

Miel Answered:
Okay, so let's say this. Do you have any respect for a Christian who has studied most religions, and is indeed very interested in science enough to understand it? Well I love science. It is a beautiful subject. Yet I don't believe in most of it. After all my studies I still find that faith in God still satifies me. What is your take on it? I know from your original question that you beleive I am in a black hole for having God in my life. Well there is a black hole….the one you made up. I am free and indeed not in a black hole. Religion I admit is dumb. That is because I have a relationship with God not a relationship with religion. Find a true Christian who has a genuine relationship with God and you begin to find differences and rationality.

God Bless you.

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