How can I use my psychic powers more effectively?

Jocelyn Chandler Asked: How can I use my psychic powers more effectively?

I am very very psychic and it's beginning to get out of control.. Thoughts suddenly come to me and I find that the very thing I am thinking has just occurred. This has happened three times with people close to me who have died suddenly. I wonder if I could get more in touch with these thoughts so that they arrive in time to enable me to stop the event occurring?


Jarrett Answered:
You stole this plot off of a movie please come up with something original if your going to troll. Thaks.

Shenaynay Answered:
Why don't you think about the deaths or terrorists and child rapists then and put your magical powers to some good use.
I'll look forward to reading about your successes in the newspaper.

Nathan Answered:
Have you tried meditation and psychic shielding? Both should help you learn control over your psychic abilities. Also, grounding and centering techniques are quite useful for any kind of psychic work.

God Dreaming Answered:
The truth of the matter, sad as it may seem, is that your thoughts actually create the events in your life, this is why you think they are premonitions, you think/envision something and then it comes to pass, it is not that you are seeing things before they happen, but that by seeing things and thinking about them you cause them to come into existence.

Joel Momma Answered:
I cant get a good reading from either of my balls, havnt shaved in a while.

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