How can I raise my psychic powers?

Asked: How can I raise my psychic powers?

Psychic Abili-teas

Confirm with your doctor before drinking any of these herbal teas. Each person comes from a different medical history, so it's necessary that you are sure about your safety when taking in any of these herbs.

Once you are sure that you can drink at least some of these herbs as tea, serve yourself a nice warm pot of tea. Pick from the selections below. These are among a wider selection of herbs which you can take in tea form for increasing your psychic ability.

Cinnamon – aids in improving your psychic ability by increasing your vibrational frequency

Mugwort – adds to your psychic ability by increasing your psychic awareness

Lemongrass – advances your psychic ability or psychic potential

Peppermint – boosts your psychic ability by opening your mind to your surroundings

Star Anise – aids in clearing your mind, making it more receptive to psychic visions

Celery – boosts your psychic ability by helping you concentrate and focus more

To maximize the effect of these psychic herbal teas, drink them leisurely in an undisturbed and quiet location. Let your mind focus on the psychic herb's effect as you pour a cup for yourself.

As you take your first sip, close your eyes and visualize the warmth of the tea as the herb's properties branch out to empower your whole being. After a while, slowly open your eyes. Continue drinking your tea slowly while thinking only of its desired effects.

Psychic Herbal Incense

Psychic herbs in the form of fragrant incense sticks or essential oils can also be used. Incense sticks are lit on safe holders and essential oils are used on a safe oil burner dish.

Below are some types of herbs which you can use to cultivate your psychic ability:

Mugwort – dried mugwort can assist in guiding you towards altered states of consciousness

Cinnamon – cultivates your psychic ability by escalating your sensitivity to the higher beings and spirits around you

Citronella – elevates your psychic ability

Honeysuckle – increases your psychic awareness

Rose – enhances your psychic ability

You may light an incense stick or burn some oil in a burner prior to or during a psychic activity or exercise. You may also do this when you simply wish to scent the room you are in. As you go about your day, its energies also get infused with yours. The fragrance of these herbs may also aid in your concentration when used in meditation.

A friendly reminder – confirm with your doctor if the herbs you intend to use will agree with your body. Don't worry, there are lots of various herbs and flowers out there which can also be used for boosting your psychic ability. These are just some examples of what you can begin with. You can add to your choices of herbs and flavors as you go along.


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