How can I become a paranormal investigator?

Anime White Wolf Asked: How can I become a paranormal investigator?

I have to warn you that you may not believe what I'm about to tell you, and that I'm not surprised if you don't.
I am, by most people's definition, a psychic. I have the ability to feel electromagnetic waves which many people credit to paranormal activity and have used this ability to it's effectiveness. However, I want to use this ability to help people. I was wondering how I could use my ability and how do I make myself known? I was also wondering about details involving being a psychic investigator for police.
I have no interest in gaining money from this and I don't want to rip people off; I sincerely want to help people who may be having issues involving paranormal phenomenon. I have also done studies on the subject and I can explain all forms of paranormal activity, from spirits to demons (I've even come up with some theories on the subject).
Does anyone know what I should do?


Ethan Answered:
For YOUR situation, get involved with a local paranormal group and learn from there.You will do well.

Gabey baby Answered:
If you want to become one, then you are one. Nearly all paranormal investiagtors are self contracted and do not do it for money. They are just a group of people like you and me, who gather people with the same interests, buy electronics needed for the work, and go out to investigate places. They buy their own equipment and do it on the side of their regular full time job. There is no money to be made in this field so im glad you are not looking to do so. Also if you decide to become one, PLEASE do not just start telling people you "feel" someone there. People want evidence, that is why they call you. They want EVPS, Videos, and more. No one will contract you if you say your evidence is that your a psychic. Nobody believes in psychics now and days.

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