Hey, does anyone know where my iPod went?

AEM Asked: Hey, does anyone know where my iPod went?

I know it's somewhere in my house, but I didn't notice it was gone until after I'd gone to the the gym yesterday… But I'd synced it just that morning. Now, this is a stupid question but if someone is psychic or clairvoyant or just really, really good at finding things, please help. (Or laugh at me, whichever works.)


Romeo Rina Answered:
It went to iPod land 🙂 haha jokin ermm check your sofa -in the corners

David O Answered:
It's always in the last place you look… Because after that, you stop looking…

Tank Wars Answered:
Did you lose it at the gym? Go over right away if you realized it was lost after you came home from the Gym. If it was lost at home re-track your steps to go through every where you went in your house. Also, look in the areas you went with your IPod. If all else fails, look everywhere and think hard at where you must have left it, also if you have people living in your house with you asking them for help will increase your chances a lot! Hope this helps!!

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