Help with my Pokemon White Team for the Elite Four?

Bryan Mulcahy Asked: Help with my Pokemon White Team for the Elite Four?

I am going to level all my pokemon up to at least level 65.
The reason my Zebstrika is so high is because I let him hold lucky egg while I take the pokemon who I want to train and give him exp. share.
I have only 1 heart scale and $190344.

This is my team and some questions:

Level 47, Adamant Nature, Ability: Wonder Skin
Moves: Pysbeam, Air Slash, Fly, Psychic

Should I teach Sigilyph Cosmic Power or Sky Attack?Is his moveset fine?

Level 48, Timid Nature, Ability: Guts
Moves: Hammer Arm, Dynamic Punch, Low Kick, Rock Slide

Should I teach Gurdurr Stone Edge, Focus Punch, or Superpower? Or is his moveset fine?

Level 49, Adamant Nature, Ability: Sturdy
Moves: X-Sissor, Rock Slide, Slash, Dig

Should I teach Crustle flail or Rock Wrecker? Is his moveset fine?

Level 75, Bashful Nature, Ability: Motor Drive
Moves: Flame Charge, Thunder, Discharge, Stomp

Is Zebstrika's moveset fine?

Level 61, Hasty Nature, Ability:Hustle
Moves: Crunch, Hyper Voice, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush

The reason I have not evolved Deino is because just in case if I wanted to teach him Outrage. But I am going to make him evolve into Hydreigon at level 64.
But when i evolve him what should his moveset be?

Level 52 ,Rash Nature, Ability: Blaze
Moves: Rollout, Heat Crash, Flamethrower, Assurance

Should I teach EmboarRoar or Flare Blitz? Or is his moveset fine?

Thanks for the time,response, and help!

I will chose the best answer by tomorrow morning.


Metagrossdabest Answered:
Cosmic Power or Reflect
Shadow Ball
Thunder Wave or Ice Beam

Bulk Up
Stone Edge
Earthquake or Poison Jab

Shell Smash
Rock Wrecker
Stealth Rock

Teach Zebstrika Thunder Wave instead of Thunder(bad accuracy)

Dragon Pulse
Fire Blast
Focus Blast

Flare Blitz
Wild Charge(for water types)
Head Smash(for flying types)
Brick Break

hope i helped, think strategy also, not just power moves

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