Help with a Pro SoulSilver Team?

Kipper Asked: Help with a Pro SoulSilver Team?

Here is what I'm looking at:

Lucario – Aura Sphere/Extreme Speed/Stone Edge/Dragon Pulse
Dragonite – Dragon Pulse/Thunder(bolt)/Blizzard/(Not sure)
Metagross – Meteor Mash/Psychic/Earthquake/(Not sure) *need help here
Tyranitar – Crunch/Stone Edge/Thrash/Earthquake (could replace EQ, will replace Thrash with Giga Impact)
Typhlosion – Flamethrower/Double-Edge/Focus Blast/(not sure)
Kingdra – Surf/Dragon Pulse/Ice Beam/Rain Dance (maybe switch rain dance for something else)

Please tell me if I should switch out Metagross with Magnezone:

Magnezone: Zap Cannon/Mirror Shot/Magnet Rise/(not sure)

Also, the main reason I have Lucario is because it's my favorite Pokemon.

Lastly, please don't debate about better Pokemon type-wise (like Dragonite vs Salamence) as I've already made my decisions in that category.


PS – If any of these Pokemon/Moves can't be used in SoulSilver, please tell me!


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