Help Please!!! Feeling lonely?

MissDior Asked: Help Please!!! Feeling lonely?

I've been having relationship issues for the past 4 years after me and my ex split.Every guy I meet if feels like I annoy them.I have a good job I'm always told I'm a beautiful girl but for some reason I'm never talking to a guy over a,month they seem to lose interest..I did meet a guy he's a gang member very bad guy he always into trouble he's even had me in some dangerous situations.I can't seem to let go of him we did break up today I'm trying my hardest to stay strong this time..Also since I been with him I lost atleast 5 good friends I'm not happy with my life I don't even enjoy anything anymore..I talked to psychics for 4 years and I took their guidance and that may also be the cause of why my energies are so bad dealing with psychics!!! PLEASE Help me!!!


Bryan B Answered:
Well you need to stop looking for ducshbags and gett your self a men maybe you nag and talk to much or give it up quick shoot I don't know but look for a nice guy it seems you only look for bad boys and get your friends back nothing is better then that your friends and family are your jewels in life get it together look for a gentlemen and get your friends back

Ol Kra Answered:
humans can never fulfill expectations that only God is capable of fulfilling, so youll never be fully content until youlet Him fill that God shaped hole in your heart

if you're ever in a rut and have nowhere else to turn to, maybe you'll remember this: God says

"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things , which thou knowest not." Jeremiah 33:3He loves you and doesn't want you to be lost

Even if you don't believe in God, justdo a very easy thing and ask Him to show you if He's real. see if He'll fulfill His promise and answer you in His timing, and if He won't, then you'll have a reason to not believe Him…

Ali K Answered:
I think you need to realise that this life is only temporary…the pain and sadness only lasts for a few years and then a person passes away to return to god.

The life hereafter is eternal and permanent. Just spend your life doing good things, stay away from sinful things…turn to god, recognise him and you will see how much better you feel.

He will take care of everything…your partner, your job and your hapiness. true hapiness is only in god, you won't find it anywhere else.That's what we have been created for…to recognise the one who created us.

The Book of Plutonomy Answered:
Estoy en tu madre cocina.

Ahh I just got my period Answered:
Yes [some sort of life forms, anyway]
To a point

Lindsey Brennan Answered:
Ghost? – Not like those Ghosts that go "BOO!" but yes, spirits.

Aliens? – Haha not like 3-eyed-4-legged-creatures but other life forms other than us yes
Psychics? – Yep because im weird like that

The Supernatural? – Isn't that the same thing as ghosts htough? O_o Hello, stupid Kelly. But isn't like..wait what?

God – Yep.

Super humans – Yep, contorcion. Did I spell that right? It's like when peoople can do these crazy stunts like put their feet on their head..the stuff you see on Americas Got Talent haha.

Love – DUH.

rrc Answered:
Yes, because I have seen a show about that on History Channel lmao
Yes, except that love hates me so much for no reason

Ry Answered:
Ghosts? YES
Aliens? YES
Psychics? NO
The Supernatural? YES
God? YES
Super Humans? (people with abilities that normal people don't have) YES
Love? YES

Megan Phillips Answered:
Most of these I'm on the fence about, as in, have to see it to believe it but I'll answer anyway.
Ghosts? No.
Aliens? Yes, it's crazy to think Earth is the only planet in the whole UNIVERSE that has life forms.
Psychics? Umm… no, not really. But maybe.
The supernatural? It seems unlikely. Maybe though.
God? No. I'm an athiest.
Super Humans? Yep
Love? Of course.

Just Another Infatuated Teenage Girl 3 Answered:

Karina Answered:
yes, all of the above…

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